Kenneth Laird Studios and Iowa Hunting Products are proud to announce the first ever custom waterfowl art poly duck calls and matching printed and framed canvas art prints. 

Laird is making waves in the waterfowl community with his unique style of mixed media and digital paintings of the most popular species of ducks hunted today. 

Both Iowa Hunting Products and Kenneth Laird Studios are proud affiliate partners with the Delta Waterfowl Foundation and Ducks Unlimited. Laird works out of his studio in central North Carolina.

Made from 100% polycarbonate to offer years of durability and great sound! These calls easily produce soft quacks, feed calls, come-back calls, and of course the infamous hail calls. The unique insert allows the call to ring on the top and also allows for low-end tones making it an excellent choice for any beginner or experienced caller.  

All Slammer Series inserts come pre-tuned with high quality mylar reeds, a rubberized cork wedge, and a long lasting o-ring.

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