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Now available, the new Slammer Series image call ONLY at Deadshot Customs!

Slammer calls feature the following:

▪️Made from 100% polycarbonate to offer years of durability and great sound! These calls easily produce soft quacks, feed calls, come-back calls, and of course the infamous hail calls. The unique insert allows the call to ring on the top and also allows for low-end tones making it an excellent choice for any beginner or advanced caller.

▪️Fully customizable imagery. Allow our team of skilled professionals to customize your calls! Offer these calls as promotional items or sell them to your loyal customer base! Whether giving these calls to corporate clients, designing a duck club gift, giving your groomsmen a gift they truly want, increased opportunities for nonprofit fundraising, or representing your brand with function and design…this is the perfect product!

▪️Offered in both RETAIL and WHOLESALE price points! Retail pricing: Only $34.99/call! Contact us for information on wholesale pricing. We offer call makers the ability to purchase just the barrel or the entire call. The full acrylic version of the image call is a great call…yet the new polycarbonate version will save customers and makers both MONEY and PRODUCTION TIME!!

▪️Selection of standard insert and band colors. Customizable colors for higher quantity orders are available.

Contact us today at Deadshot Customs and take advantage of the newest gift/product to please any waterfowl enthusiast!